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Craft Battles

This is an account for Craft Battles! A blog that wants to keep all artists active, happy and prosperous! We also own Glassables art, for all your creative glass needs.

Craft Battles are designed to keep artists energetic, motivated, prosperous and on the ball. We want to help push you and your art forward, because nothing is sadder than wasted talent!

Craft Battles's Background

Craft Battles's Experience

Owner at Craft Battles

July 2012 - Present | Burlington, Ontario

Running the soon-to-be amazing blog known as Craft Battles!

Craft Battles's Education

Sheridan College

2009 – 2010

Ontario College Certificate

Concentration: Art Fundamental

Activities: Painting, Sculpting, 3-D, Imaging Design, Interior Design, Life Drawing, Object Drawing, Art History, English, Etc.

Sheridan College

2010 – -


Concentration: Crafts & Design: Glass

Activities: Glass, Kiln Casting, Sand Casting, Attempted Glass Blowing, Design, Art History, etc.

Craft Battles's Interests & Activities

Craft Battles is interested in literature, art, art history, glass, ceramics, polymer clay, wax, wood, textiles, and more!

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